Innovative Medical Device Solutions

For over twenty years Cirtec’s team of engineering and manufacturing professionals have developed and delivered innovative medical device solutions. The Cirtec team has worked on over 300 medical Class two medical devices, Class three medical devices, and medical device peripherals. Cirtec is an acknowledged world leader in the fields of active and passive implants, minimally invasive surgical devices and complex electro-mechanical assemblies for all medical device therapies.

Smart solutions for highly complex miniaturization.

Cirtec is a recognized industry leader in the development of minimally invasive surgical, delivery and diagnostic devices. Our ability to develop miniaturized, highly complex mechanisms is a critical element in the successful implementation some of the world’s most innovative medical device solutions. Increasingly, doctors and surgeons are turning to treatments that involve precise, reliable, effective devices. As surgeons strive to reduce patient discomfort and shorten recovery times by performing surgery laparoscopicaly, the developments in these minimally invasive techniques are being taken one step further by using natural body openings to gain access to the abdominal cavity. These new surgical procedures require increasingly advanced and novel instruments. Cirtec has been at the forefront of these developing technologies.