Cirtec History

Cirtec Medical Systems, LLC is a leading developer of medical device technology for the world’s best medical device companies. Formed in 2009 with the merger of Circle Medical and Texcel Medical, Cirtec brings the expertise and cultures of both companies to support medical device manufacturers around the world. Circle was founded in 2004 and quickly became a leader in the engineering and manufacturing advanced engineering of minimally invasive surgical and delivery devices, passive implants and support hardware. Texcel Medical was established in 1987 and developed a strong track record designing and manufacturing active implantable devices and associated peripherals. Today, Cirtec’s 130 scientists, engineers and manufacturing teams have completed over 300 medical device projects, specializing in active and passive implants, minimally invasive systems, and electronic systems and instrumentation. The depth and breadth of this medical device technology experience make Cirtec a complete medical device consulting firm for both large manufacturers and smaller start ups.

Single Source

Cirtec has full engineering and manufacturing functions and advanced medical device technology to serve the world’s best medical device manufacturers. Our integrated and proven quality system coordinates our sites and can be customized to specific project needs. We provide complete and accountable services from concept to commercialization, delivering innovative medical device solutions.

Our Mission

Cirtec meets our customers’ needs by providing exceptional service in the development and manufacturing of the highest quality medical devices. Each employee is dedicated to continuously improve our quality management system and to comply with regulatory requirements.